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Christina Narayanan of The Complete Picture is an interior designer, colour consultant and kitchen designer.  Contact Christina if you need someone to answer questions or help you to navigate through your next renovation, new built or interior project.

Nurseries and Kids Bedrooms

As a designer I offer specialized design services relating to nursery and kids bedroom design.  This is important to me, as being the mother of two young children, I know how important these spaces are.  Not only are they fun spaces to design, but more often than not, they are one of the first spaces that families create in their home, so guiding clients in the design of these spaces can be very rewarding. 

These rooms are where our babies begin their lives and start their memories, and where our children grow, so creating a space which is comforting and nurturing is really important.  As our children grow older, the room should grow with  them.  It should be a space that they want to spent time in; a space to have fun in, a space that inspires them, and a space to comfort them at the end of the day.

If there is one key piece of advice I would give to parents, it would be to avoid going overboard with themes or anything that your child will grow out of too quickly.  Remember that your baby will only be your baby for a very short period of time, and as children grow and change, so do their likes and dislikes.

Keys to Creating the Perfect Bedroom or Nursery

  • If you are an avid DIYer, doing up rooms is your thing, and you have always dreamt of an over the top, pink, fairy princess space, then my advice would be to go for it.  On the other hand, if you want a space that grows with your child, then my advice would be to stick to neutral colours on the walls and add fun to the space through the accessories.  A neutral colour scheme also means that the space will be gender neutral; an important factor to consider if you are designing a nursery and planning on having more than one baby.
  • Creating the perfect space for your child requires deciding how you want the space to feel.  For anyone trying this for themselves, find one key piece that inspires you and create the space around it.  A cot blanket or kids duvet is a great idea, as is a favourite toy or even a piece of artwork. This will help you to create the feel that you are trying to achieve for the space.  Remember, you will also spend a lot of time in this space, so surround it in things that you love too.
  • Image how you will use the space.  For a nursery, it will primarily be a space for your baby to sleep, but you may also want to use this space for nursing, changing nappies, playing and relaxing.  As such it needs to be laid out in a way that works for you, and it needs to incorporate all the things required for the space to work.  Storage is really important.  Everything needs to be organized and within easy reach......especially on those days when you feel like you don't have enough hands.  In young children's rooms, make the storage easily accessible and easy to use (it might increase the chance of them actually using it).


Designing a child's bedroom is about creating a space that is special to them, so fill the room with things that are special to your child and items that they love.                                  © The Complete Picture Ltd 2014-all rights reserved