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Christina Narayanan of The Complete Picture is an interior designer, colour consultant and kitchen designer.  Contact Christina if you need someone to answer questions or help you to navigate through your next renovation, new built or interior project.

What is Interior Design?

Anyone can own a house, but what truly makes a house a home?

Without a doubt, a house is not a home without people to fill it.  But it takes more than just people to transform four walls into something special.  A home must be a welcoming place to relax and unwind.  It must be a space you enjoy being in.  A place where on miserable days, you will feel warm and secure.  A home is like your favourite jumper; it looks great and feels great.

So how can you achieve this?

Interior design is about making the most of the spaces you have.  It is about utilizing your spaces to maximize their functionality.  It is about injecting colours, textures and patterns-through different wall treatments, fabrics and furniture.  Interior design is about creating a home that reflects the personality of you and your family life.  The end result? A space which is uniquely you.

What Are The Keys To Good Design?

Design can be broken down into two key features: the space, and what we put into it.

The design of any space involves utilizing the key elements already existing within it.  This includes the shape of the space, the types and positions of the walls, windows, doors and other architectural features like shaped ceilings or decorative cornicing.

Clever design involves manipulating the space by what we choose to put within it.  The choice of wall, floor and window treatments is paramount.  The selection of furniture and accessories can be used to enhance these further.

Before beginning any design careful consideration must first be given to the layout.  It is important to ensure the space is functional and usable, while still working visually.  This concept translates through to every area in a home.  Get the layout correct first, then begin creating the feel through the different elements you introduce.  Remember there is no point in creating a beautiful space if it does not work functionally.

Also, remember never consider a room in isolation.  It is important that it works with the adjacent spaces to create a sense of harmony and belonging.

In tackling an interior design project, make sure you answer these key questions:

  • What are the key features of this space?
  • How can we enhance this space further?
  • Will this layout work?
  • What feel do we want the space to have?
  • Does this design work with the other spaces in my home?

What Is A Design Board?

Because interior design is very visually based, most interior designers rely on design boards or mood boards to help clients visualize the direction or look that they are trying to achieve.  A design board may include details such as:

  • the layout of the space
  • the colour palette to be used
  • flooring materials
  • soft furnishing options
  • furniture and accessories

Sometimes a designer may include something that they have used for inspiration on the design board.  A client may have a favorite item of furniture, piece of artwork or a picture from a magazine, which they want the design to revolve around, so it is useful to include this on the design board. 

Interior design is more than just adding furniture and colour to a space; it is about creating a feeling when you walk into that space.  A design board is a great way of making sure that the design being created matches what you as a customer, want to achieve.                                  © The Complete Picture Ltd 2014-all rights reserved